Brooks Koepka latest superstar to turn down Premier Golf League

Brooks Koepka has stated he’s “going with the PGA Tour” and has rejected the offer to join the emerging Premier Golf League which means the top three players in the world are now staying on the PGA Tour.

Recently World No.1 Rory McIlroy and World No.2 Jon Rahm have also confirmed that they’ll continue on the PGA Tour, rejecting the idea of helping to form a competing tournament in the PGL.

Koepka, 29, told Sky Sports: “I am out of the PGL. I’m going with the PGA Tour. I have a hard time believing golf should be about just 48 players.”

The Premier Golf League is set to be a 48-player competition featuring a $240 million prize pool.

The four-time Major winner, Koepka, added money wouldn’t be enough of a motivating factor for him to leave the PGA Tour:

“I get that the stars are what people come to see. But these guys who we see win, who have been grinding for 10 or 15 years, that’s what makes the cool stories. I’d have a hard time looking at guys and putting them out of a job.

“Money isn’t going to change my life. There’s something to be said about freedom of playing.

“I get to choose. To me, it’s not worth it. I’m happy with how things are. When life is good and it’s real good you don’t want to change it. I think the PGA Tour is run beautifully.”

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