Wide stance drill | by Stephen Deane (Emirates Golf Club)

This month we’ll look at another great drill to develop the correct body action which will add consistency to your swing. As you know we’re three dimensional (3D) and we live in a 3D world. The golf swing has to be 3D as well with the movements of up/down, lateral and rotation all playing a role. The wide stance drill is a simple exercise that helps us create these movements and helps us understand that the ‘Up and Down’ controls the lateral and rotation.

Stand as wide as possible, pull your hamstrings and glutes up so you drive your feet into the ground. Place your right hand under your upper balance point (sternum) and sit down onto your quads.

Allow your sternum and mid-section (upper and mid balance points) to spiral up and around whilst letting your right arm sit back and down with your palm facing the sky.

From here you’ll notice we’ve created a straight line from the left foot to the right palm as we’ve spiralled the body from the ground up.

During the downswing the right ankle, knee and shoulder all rotate down. The ankle and knee under the right hip with the shoulder above. This creates a great impact position. You’ll notice that your upper and mid balance points have held position and haven’t fallen forward and back. This is crucial for consistency as the club is going to follow your balance.

Simply stretch up to the finish holding your balance. This great Peter Cowen signature drill can be used for all levels and age of player. For more senior players you can narrow the stance to make the exercise more comfortable. The drill demonstrates that the downswing doesn’t start with the left hip like many believe. The driving force is actually the loaded right side that turns down which looks like the left side is leading.

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