Walk the Line bunker drill | by Alastair Brown

By Alastair Brown, Senior Golf Professional, Emirates Golf Club

Following my previous “Butterfly Grip” article, I have a new drill for you in the bunker to improve where you strike the sand.


I focus on positioning the throat and sternum line directly over the ball as I set up and maintain this connection line during the swing. This controls where my club enters the sand and also the lowest point in the sand is directly under the ball. You can see that at the top of the backswing and even after impact (pics 3 and 2), I have maintained my throat and sternum position.

Too often amateurs tilt the throat and sternum back behind the ball in an attempt to lift the ball out of the sand causing the club to either strike the sand too early behind the ball or catch the ball too cleanly as the clubhead is already rising up. This results in leaving the ball in the bunker or sending it over the other side of the green. The two most common outcomes!

Here I draw two lines in the sand about 2/3 inches apart. I am going to set up with my sternum positioned over the front line.

Now I am going to walk the line and swing about 8-10 times without stopping and see if I can consistently strike out the front line.

The club should enter on the middle section of the two lines and strike out the front line. The low point is where the ball should be positioned. Try to avoid striking the back line.

Start with small swings to help build your skill level.

Amongst many things like body movement with control, this drill will improve your hand eye coordination and wrist release.

Practice the drill time and time again to see the benefits when hitting your shots!  Come visit me at the Peter Cowen Academy Dubai for more ‘Tour Tips’ to lower your scores.

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