Turn on the power with the driver | by Ross McArthur

A vast majority of golfers at some point in their game have struggled with a slice. This can be debilitating especially with the longer clubs in the bag. Shorter distances go hand in hand with a big slice and while there are many different reasons for this fault, the ‘over the top’ movement in the downswing is a common sight and is usually caused by poor positions in the backswing, specifically a lack of rotation.

Physical restrictions such as limited thoracic spine mobility or tight lats can contribute to a weak position at the top of the backswing as shown in this image. The arms have been too dominant taking the club away, the trail leg has also straightened and the spine has started to tilt towards the target meaning the downswing will be steep and the club too far in front of the body. However, it could also simply be poor technique.

Try this drill in order to improve the backswing rotation and create the feeling of a better position at the top.

Place a club across your shoulders crossing your arms and place a second club on the inside heel of your trail foot. From here rotate the upper body holding the flex in your trail leg until the two shafts almost match up.

Here you will see a very different picture. There is more rotation in the hips and the upper body has turned more behind the ball. This will improve your power and create a much more consistent shot pattern.

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