Things are kept under wraps in terms of anyone revealing the intricate details of what Tiger might be working on, but I can see that there’s much more spiral lengthening of the body on the back swing, not compressional. Everything is in position here to give more longevity to his career, and if he putts well he’ll be a massive threat anywhere. 


1. Everything about Tiger’s swing is soft to relaxed and not rushed, and you can see this in the set up. 2. There’s nothing aggressive about this set up. The soft arms hang from the sternum and there’s no element of reaching, so again, it’s more relaxed. 3. Here his right hip, right shoulder, right arm and shaft are moving together which keeps the club online. Most people would say the clubhead is outside the hands but it’s not when you think about the spiral, during which these things are all moving together.
4. The right shoulder is starting to lock in position so that arms and club don’t get too deep behind the body. 5. Because the right shoulder is starting to spiral up, the shaft can move up and stay in position. 6. The shoulders spiralling up give the club height (not length), meaning the shaft is more up.
7. The 45° angle between the right arm and left arm means the club is an extension of the left arm. 8. The left hip moves back to allow the chest and the arms to be in the classic delivery position. 9. The club is being delivered in a ‘straight’ or ‘fade’ position with the club head slightly outside the hand position.
10. The left leg controls the hip position, which is a lot more level. The chest is opening up at the correct angle. You can see more of his left hip than his right, as his left leg is straightening. 11. All the weight has moved into his left heel as he takes the stress away from the lower back. His hips are more level and it’s a soft movement, not violent with no aggressive tilt. 12. Everything is turned and the left leg is straight with the weight totally into his left heel, which is clearly visible here. He’s allowed the momentum to get the club down, he’s not trying to drag it down.
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