Sink more putts with this simple drill!

By Ginger Delacrétaz, Teaching Professional, Tommy Fleetwood Academy

Much like the full swing, knowledge of the fundamentals when it comes to putting is crucial in maximising your performance on the greens. I’m going discuss how to properly set up to the ball before explaining a brilliant drill to help you start sinking more putts!

Firstly, gripping the putter in the palm of the hand is important in creating a consistent and reliable stroke.

This firm grip ensures we putt with smooth rhythm, helping to eliminate as many ‘moving parts’ as possible. The moment the wrists start collapsing and arms move off-line is when putting becomes even more difficult than it already is. Next, stand over the ball with a straight back with your eyes looking directly down the target line.

This helps to keep everything lined up correctly. Combine this with a shoulder-width stance and the stable grip, then we are good to go. One smooth motion, back and through. It’s also important to have realistic expectations when on the green – unfortunately not every putt is going to drop. Professionals on the DP World Tour average around 30 putts per round which is a statistic to keep in mind and a possible target when out playing.

The Spiral Drill

This really is a great one and helps us all to practice with a purpose by adding an element of pressure. Place five tee pegs – or as many as you like – around one hole on the practice putting green. The first one should be 50cm away from the hole and the furthest one as far away as you like. I’m a fan of going up to two metres to try and perfect those medium to long-range putts. The goal of the drill is to hole a putt from every tee peg consecutively without missing. For example, start at the closest tee first and only move on once you’ve holed it. If you miss, you have to start the spiral again. This helps to add some pressure to every shot which is more like a real situation out on the golf course.

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