Sink more putts | By Jackson Bell

The first element of being a successful putter all comes within the set up. No matter how good you are at golf, if you don’t set yourself up correctly then you will not be sinking those vital putts out on the course.


Firstly, you want to ensure that your eyeline is directly over the ball as you find the right line for your putt. I’ve seen plenty of amateurs miss putts because they get their eye line too far over the ball or too far behind the ball. An easy exercise to correct this is to just drop a ball from your eye to make sure your eyeline is directly over the ball.

Clubface control

From there you’re going to look into controlling the clubface and one of the best tools to help with this is the Harold Swash putting template that we use down at the Peter Cowen Academy.

The aim is to follow the black line on the template for the ideal stroke but it will take some trial and error to find the stroke that works best for you. It also helps to place two tees at the end of the template on the right and left hand side to see if you are opening or closing your clubface at impact. If the ball strikes the right tee then the clubface is open while the clubface will be closed if you hit the left tee.

Check out the video online and if you need any more help with your game then come down and visit me or one of the team at the Peter Cowen Academy Dubai.