Bunker setup for success!

The most important aspect of playing consistently great bunker shots is the process of developing the correct setup with your body, hands and club before execution. I know it sounds a lot but if you learn to adopt the following information along with watching the supporting video you’ll be guaranteed better results.



1. Build a Station:

When practicing, draw lines in the sand to guarantee good starting positions.

During this phase, place your feet parallel to the target line with your left toe flared open around 60 degrees. From here, point your left knee towards your left toe and feel yourself sitting down into the stand.

It’s important to maintain this feeling of staying down throughout the swing.

Position the ball forward in your stance, in line with your left heel. This makes it easy to enter the sand one inch behind the ball during impact.

You’ll notice, once in position, your toe line is slightly open or running slightly left of target. This is because the left foot is flared open 60 degrees. Once the club is in motion this will produce an ever so slightly out-to-in path, which will aid the shot execution.

You’ll also see I’ve drawn a shaft line which sits behind the ball position line and runs at 90 degrees to my toe line.  This shaft position is vital to prevent any negative forward shaft lean, which ultimately takes loft off the clubface and causes it to dig during impact.

You’ll notice the clubface is also minimally open to aid the club’s bounce/ability to glide through the sand.



2 Butterfly Grip:

This specialist bunker grip used by Master Professional Peter Cowen and his players will allow you to set the wrist much easier during the backswing and ensure you maintain the club’s loft and bounce which is essential for trajectory and distance control.


3. Release the Club:

Let the clubhead release past the hands during the impact phase. This will ensure that you use the bounce/back edge of the club correctly and maintain the club’s loft that will square itself to your target line post-impact.


Lots of information to take onboard this month but try and digest the content and put it into practice. For some additional help please visit The Dubai Golf Academy at Emirates Golf Club, call +971 4 417 9845 or email [email protected]