Pitch Perfect: Achieve clubhead speed and loft control with the right wrist mechanics

By Stephen Deane, Head Professional, Emirates Golf Club

Last month we discussed the chip shot and the wrist mechanics required to execute the shot correctly. This month we’ll look at pitching and the upward cocking wrist motion and down cocking wrist motion used during its execution. It’s very simple, we’re trying to achieve clubhead speed and loft control.

Backswing cocking and shoulder

In terms of clubhead speed we use the cocking action to lift the weight of the club up. This allows us to simple let the weight of the club drop on the ball without the feeling of a hit or unnecessary acceleration, which can cause manipulation of the clubhead and inconsistency with flight and strike.

You should try simply lifting the clubhead up using the cocking motion and letting the weight of the club drop on the ball by letting the down cocking wrist motion action happen.

Impact down cocking

Many golfers try and hold the weight and drive the club forward rather than letting it drop down and under them! This allows us to use the club’s bounce and it’s feels great through impact. You’ll have no danger and fear of mis-hits even from poor lies!

Finish with body rotation picking up the weight of the club

During the action you’ll also sense a turning of the shoulders as the wrists cock up to around waist high for a 50 yard shot.

You’ll also sense the body pick the weight of the club up and it turns through after you’ve allowed it to drop or down cock on the ball successfully.

For more information please watch the attached video and we look forward to seeing you at The Peter Cowen Academy Dubai soon.

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