Pete Cowen: How to hit a downslope bunker shot

Legendary coach, Pete Cowen, teaches you how to play one of the most difficult strokes in golf – the downslope bunker shot.

The mistake many people make with this challenging shot is trying to get the ball up with their body.

What you have got to do is set your centre of balance and weight to the front side towards the slope (i.e. your left side if you are right handed).

What I then do is turn my left toe and knee towards the flag.

A good bunker player will open the club and turn the loft down into the sand and come out leaning forwards.

It’s important to use as much lodft as possible before turning the club. You need to make sure you are hitting into the slope, and are not trying to help the ball up.

You won’t get the ball very high to start with but as you practice more you will get consistent results from an extremely difficult lie.

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