One Hand Drill to strike the ball cleaner | by Stephen Deane (Emirates Golf Club)

As Peter Cowen says: ‘golf is easy!’ All you have to do is start the ball on line with the correct flight and correct spin! When you can do that, what do you do? Go learn to putt!

As we all know this can take longer than expected but here’s a great drill to get you a more precise and consistent strike pattern.


I love to get my students clipping shots with their left (lead) hand only. It shows us instantly that the club has to come from the correct position to allow solid shots.

It also helps us feel how to set or cock the wrist correctly. From here we can then release correctly, which also generates speed and power.

Firstly, I like to start my students with an alignment stick (Step 1) so they can feel the movement without focusing on striking a ball. We then move to a golf club flipped over which adds more weight

(Step 2) We encourage that you use this weight and natural momentum, and last but not least, we move to striking the ball

(Step 3) When striking the ball, a common fault I find is the student pulls with the lead shoulder and hand and gets the dreaded shank! Or they flip or manipulate the arms rather than letting the shoulder muscle allow the club to fall into a position which allows the wrist to un-cock down correctly. Natural momentum then takes the club to the finish.

When you start to master this drill, the arm hand and club is moving in perfect balance all the time.  The golf swing is then just a faster version of this movement pattern.

Everyone talks about using the bounce these days and this is also a great drill to present bounce better rather than the leading edge! It’s all about using natural forces and learning not to fight them.


For more information please feel free to visit one of our three Peter Cowen Academies in Dubai or watch the attached video for further guidance.

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