Mobility-improving exercises | By Victoria Mikhaylova

As the weather gets better and we play more rounds of golf, I want to bring your attention to a pre-round routine to activate your muscles.

We all know that warming up is very important but there are three serious reasons behind it.

These are:

  • You prevent your body from getting injured and extend your golfing longevity.
  • You are preparing your neurosystem which connects the brain and muscles and helps you to control your movements.
  • You become more confident on the course because you know that your movements are more predictable and consistent.

Even if you don’t often warmup before a round, I recommend that you follow this routine when you have some free time.

To simplify this program for you and make it more logical, I divided the exercises into two boxes: mobility and stability-power.

This month we are going to start with mobility. Each exercise should be repeated 5-7 times.

1. Open book

This exercise will help you to get into the correct backswing position.

Lie down on your side, bend your upper knee as shown in the picture, put your palms together and make sure your spine is straight. Keeping upper arm as close to the floor as possible, turn your thorax and open your arm. When you’ve reached one straight line between your arms, go back the same way.

2. Lats activation

Lats are responsible for our range of motion in the backswing.

Use a bench or a box. Kneel down, place one hand on to the box and the other behind your head. Reach to the floor stretching your shoulder, then turn your thorax, trying to show your chest to the ceiling. Your lower body must be still.

3. Hips mobility

Very important for rotation and speed gain.

Sit down and take your golf club, placing it overhead. Bend your knees. Maintaining a very straight back position, put both knees on the floor, then lift them up and switch side.

4. Open book by the wall

This exercise will help you to coil more in your swing and feel resistance and power.

Kneeling on a single leg, place foam roller (or any object) between your knee and wall. Take a resistance band, lift your arms in front of your chest and make sure your posture is good. Now stretch the band and turn while opening your chest. When you’ve reached the maximum range, go back to the starting position.

These exercises will not take much of your time but will make a huge difference to your golf game. Next month we are going to look at stability-power exercises. Enjoy your next round with more mobility after performing these exercises consistently.

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