Keep your movements simple | By Stephen Deane

I’m going to use this article to demonstrate a quick drill that will help you improve your game by keeping your movements simple. This simple drill only requires a stick and the combination of movement patterns can be easily rehearsed at home or in the gym. By dedicating just five minutes a day you can improve your game massively.

To start let’s build a solid posture by tipping from our hips and pushing down into the ground. At the Peter Cowen Academy, we encourage our students to use a stick like the one shown but, if you don’t have one, you can also use an alignment stick.

Once in posture make a split grip on the stick.

From the ground up, spiral your body and set the club into a half way back position. This is what we call our width.

From here, leave the hands, arms and club alone and load your shoulders up into position.

Lower your shoulders back down as the stick naturally flattens and the wrists down-cock.

From here you’ll feel the stick naturally move out and back to the correct plane with no manipulation required.

This is also a great drill for those of you who may suffer from wrist pain and will allow you to feel how the wrists should be releasing to avoid injury. For more information please come visit our wonderful Academy team and keep improving your game this summer.

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