Keep It Vertical with Emirates Golf Club’s Stephen Deane

In this month’s article, Emirates Golf Club’s Stephen Deane will keep it simple and revisit the method of pitching or chipping from a more vertical shaft angle. This will help your swing stay on plane and improve your ball contact.

You will notice I’ve create a simple reminder station with some alignment rods which will help assist and develop the perfect setup and takeaway.

You can clearly see a three-inch gap between the top of the curve alignment stick and club shaft. As I take the club away from the ball in an upward motion you can see the gapping between the shaft and curve alignment stick is maintained.

Try and avoid the setup and take away positions shown in pictures 3 and 4! From here your much more reliant on your hand eye coordinate and natural ability to strike the ball. This can cause consistency problems and break down under pressure!

A great drill to help build the correct feelings and mechanics is to flip the club around and draw a circle away from the ball with the grip end! Without the weight of the clubhead the motion feels easy, natural and controlled. A great way to help not only your short game but your overall swing!

Put what we’ve discussed into practice and watch the attached video or visit us here at The Academy for a more detailed explanation. We look forward to seeing an improvement in your game.

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