Keep it Stable – Resistance Band drill by Stephen Deane

By Stephen Deane, Head Professional, Emirates Golf Club

This month we’ll look at a Peter Cowen resistance band drill which can be used whilst striking shots or as a warm-up without hitting. Very simply, this drill is designed to help promote leg stability and encourage the spiral staircase body motion we’ve discussed in previous articles.

Step one is to position the elastic above the knees over the thigh area. From here you can keep the band level but I prefer to have the right side slightly higher as it helps me feel the spiral motion as my body winds up and around during the backswing.

As always, ensure you’ve established good posture by tipping from the hip line and pushing the knees down to hold the ground and engage the legs.

As you swing to the top you’ll feel a stretch in the elastic as you hold your leg positions in an attempt to work against the band’s resistance.

You’ll sense the weight moving up and around correctly and the elimination of any unnecessary lateral motion as you hold good positions throughout. A fantastic drill if used correctly and one which will have a positive impact on your body motion and consistency.

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