How to spin your wedge shots | By Thomas Pieters

For me there are a number of things to factor in when trying to control the ball using spin and they mostly revolve around the trajectory of the shot. A lower trajectory shot would bounce twice before grabbing, while a higher trajectory takes one hop and maybe rips back a bit or stops dead. So it’s very important to judge what kind of shot you want to hit and then be able to control the spin.

A lot of the times in Pro-Ams I see amateurs flip their wrists and hands at impact in order to try and create spin that way. But the way to create spin is not about flash speed at the strike, but more about having a consistent strike, which in itself creates a bit of spin.

I like to see a nice ‘V’ shape in the arms at address and this remains as you take the club back – no cocking or hinging of the wrists or hands when you get to the end of how far you want to take the club.

So you keep a nice smooth triangle between the arms and the shaft. And by taking the club back and letting it go – and this should lead to more consistent strikes.

This means that there’s no manipulation. And you can practice this indoors even without a club in your hand – just practice maintaining that triangle, taking your arms back and through.

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