How to hit a low punch shot | By Karl Goodwin

By Karl Goodwin, PGA Professional at The Track, Meydan Golf

Growing up playing golf in Ireland, keeping the ball underneath the wind was something we had to do regularly. 

Links golf was something I always enjoyed and often we played in extremely windy conditions. Growing up under these conditions made me appreciate having different shots in your arsenal and the ability to be able to play them when needed in certain conditions. When I made the move to Dubai it was certainly an easier climate to play in, however, we do have the occasional blustery day so sometimes it doesn’t feel too far from home.

We’ve had a few windy days recently Iím going to demonstrate a lower punch shot I use quite often when playing on my home turf. In this article, I’ve outlined the four main things I consider when trying to incorporate a lower ball flight. I hope you can implement these into your own game going forward.

The first thing we need to consider is club selection. In this case we need to use 1-2 extra clubs than normal, meaning if it is a seven-iron distance we need to be using a six or maybe even a five-iron. This allows us to be a bit more controlled through impact in order to keep the ball flight down and out of the wind.

Ball position is next on the list. For this shot we will move it about a golf ball back in our stance towards our trail foot. Remember, everything we do in the shot is done to take loft away from the golf ball.

A – Ball Position placed too far forward in your stance, this will add loft to the club and sent the ball to high into the air.
B –
Ball Position being placed correctly one ball back in your stance will help deloft the club.

The third aspect we must consider is our weight distribution. This needs to be shifted more onto our lead leg, helping us to decrease the angle in which the club travels into the golf ball

A – Weight being shifted to our rear foot.
B –
Weight being shifted towards our lead leg. Improving our downward angle of approach for this shot.

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