How the European Tour Performance Institute caters for the stars

As well as hosting two world class championship courses, Fire and Earth, Jumeirah Golf Estates also contains a state-of-the-art training facility to meet the needs of every calibre of golfer. This is the preferred training complex for the European Tour stars as the venue boasts two driving ranges, ten bunkers, a gymnasium, putting studio, three swing studios and more to fulfil the needs of every player. We visited Jumeirah Golf Estates to speak to the team about the different areas at the facility and how they can help you improve all aspects of your game.

Short Game Area



“The Short Game Facility is over an area of six acres of undulated manicured land, with three greens kept at the same speed and condition as the main course, plus ten bunkers split between with the same sand used on the Earth and Fire courses. This area offers practice for all the possible scenarios you could find on the golf course. To make the experience feel even more real we have Titleist ProV balls available to practice with.” – Mark Gregson-Walters

Chipping and short pitching drill


Scatter balls out around a 10 yard area over different slopes on the fringe, fairway, semi rough and long grass.

Changing your lie and distance gives your practice a feel of real play. For every shot you will have to assess the distance to your target, how the ball will fly from the lie you have, which club to take and you’ll have to identify the distance you need to land the ball so that your shot finishes close to the hole. 

Putting Lab

“We use technology such as SAM Putt Lab and other renowned training aids to ensure all of our students understand the key aspects of the putting stroke. We want to ensure our students are motivated and focused on utilising our academy drills and putting skills tests aimed to improve: Distance / Speed Control, Aim / Start direction and Green reading.” – Michael Sweenie


“The variety of different shapes of bunker we have means players can practice  every type of bunker shot that you could encounter when playing on the course.”  – Tim Backhouse

Key points to remember when playing from the sand:

  • Ball position forward in the stance
  • Weight on front foot, at least 60%
  • Open the club face and don’t push the hands forward 
  • Turn on the same spot (don’t lean back to lift)

Swing Studios

“There are three state-of-the-art teaching studios at Jumeirah Golf Estates. Here we use the latest technology available in golf coaching to help our players understand their swing weaknesses so we can work together to achieve their goals. Whilst our clients are taking their golf lessons they are surrounded by memorabilia from the European Tour’s DP World Tour Championship; this provides great inspiration to the client to know they are practicing and learning in the same place that some of the world’s best use to practice.” – Andy Carter


“The gym is specifically designed with golf performance in mind. It is complete with everything you need to improve your golf as well as for a conventional gym session for both strength and conditioning. The services we offer are: Golf Specific Training,  Injury Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition.” – Alan Walters

Quick Tip: Hip Flexor Stretch 

Stretching out the hip flexor group aids in the ability to rotate more effectively. This is due to the hip flexors crossing over the hips, stretching them and increasing their flexibility allows for greater separation between the legs and the torso, and thus increases rotation.




Titleist National Fitting Centre

“Head to Jumeirah Golf Estates for the ultimate personal fitting experience. Golfers are treated exactly like our PGA staff and experience the same process, equipment and TrackMan Launch Monitor technology that the best players in the world rely on to improve their game.” – Jordan Gallagher

Watch the video at the top to see our tour of the incredible facility at Jumeirah Golf Estates. 

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