Hit straighter shots at Topgolf Dubai with this simple tip

Here at Topgolf, all our bays are fitted with Toptracer technology. The screens give ball data on the carry distance, ball speed, peak height, hang-time and curvature. It’s a great place to get feedback on what your ball is doing.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that no ball fly’s straight. Typically, golfers fit in to one of two categories, slicers or hookers. Depending on the category you fit in, if you want to hit the ball “straighter”, you’ll need to gain awareness for the other shape of shot.

One teaching strategy that has always worked for me is to figure out a student’s major flaw and devise a plan for practicing the opposite of that flaw. Exaggerate the fix as much as possible; really feel the change. If you slice the ball, I want you to feel a closed clubface and a path that “feels” like it swings to the right post impact. Swing this back and forth over the top of the golf ball to create a pattern. Notice how your body moves and where you go to. Sensing the change is the key to creating awareness. Try replicating this as you hit a shot, moving through the same space and going to the same place.

Hookers of the golf ball need to feel the opposite. For a right-handed player, your ball curves to the left because your clubface is closed to the swing path at impact. A slice in tennis gives a good reference. Feel an open face and swing more to the left post impact. Do this back and forth to sense the difference in the movement. Try not to over think it, we’re not trying to be perfect, just explore the other side and hit the opposite shape shot. The beauty comes when you can refine it to curve the ball less, thus looking like the ball fly’s straight.

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