HAZARDS BEWARE! Simple tip to help with chipping over bunkers

By Grace Einberger, Teaching Professional, Yas Links Abu Dhabi

Hitting over a lake or a bunker can be one of the most mentally testing shots in golf. Sometimes it often requires just a basic pitch from a flat lie, but the thought of duffing it into the water runs riot through many amateur minds. I’m going to give you a quick tip into helping you navigate those testing shots with this example of a simple chip over a greenside bunker.


Often when we’re focused on a negative outcome on the course our technique becomes sloppy. In my lessons I see players start scooping at the ball in this situation to desperately ensure it becomes airborne. In reality, there is enough loft on the club so make sure to remember this. Allow the club – I recommend using a wedge in this situation ñ to glide through the turf with momentum is key. Don’t try to deliberately hit the ball up in the air, and remember positive thoughts often lead to a more positive outcome!


Hanging back on the trail foot with limited rotation often leads to scooping the ball into the air.


A complete follow-through onto the lead foot with the wrists extended towards the target is the goal.


Hold the golf club down by the hosel and make some practice swings from this position. Obviously you wonít reach the ball, but the focus here is to not let the shaft touch the lead side of your body as you rotate through. This helps to ensure the body stays moving through the entire shot. Often scooping is the result of body stalling through impact meaning the wrists take over.

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