Get golf fit at home | By Richard Dunsby

Fitness is a huge element to golf in this modern bombing world. With gyms closed in the region there’s no better time to concentrate on home workouts relative to your golf swing. Peter Cowen Academy’s Richard Dunsby has put together some effective exercises that will benefit your game with limited space required – whether it be your bedroom or balcony – there’s no excuse. Check out the full video above with the instructions below: 


By Richard Dunsby 

Exercise 1- Helicopter turns

This exercise helps create a better shoulder turn independent of your lower body and improves overall balance. Holding your arms out by your side with elbows locked, step into a good lunge (front knee over the front ankle and trunk upright).  From here, rotate your upper body back and forth for 15 seconds, but keep your head facing forward.  Make sure your weight stays centered over your front foot; don’t let your weight shift to the outside of your foot.  Step into the next lunge and repeat on the other side.


Exercise 2- Torso turns

This exercise helps develop better balance or proprioception in your golf swing and builds more stability your lower body. Start by standing on one leg and getting into a stable golf posture.  Lift your lead leg and cross your arms over your chest.  Trying to keep your lower body stable, begin to rotate your trunk back and forth and try to maintain balance.  Repeat on the trail leg. Great body prep for swayers and sliders.


Exercise 3- Developing a good posture through the correct hip hinge 

This exercise will help develop good balance, better hip hinge mechanics, and overall lower body and core stability. Hold a club or dowel behind your back, making sure the dowel touches your butt, mid-back and head simultaneously.  Go ahead and lift your right leg off the ground.  Now slowly hinge forward from your left hip, trying to keep your spine and right hip stable and straight.  Go down as far as comfortable allowing your left knee to bend slightly and then return to the standing position.


Exercise 4- Internal/External hip rotation 

First of all stand with your feet together, Form the letter T with your left foot being positioned across the front of the right. Now rotate to the left placing your left foot at roughly 7 O’clock on a clock face while the upper body rotates as much as possible. Now try the same with the right foot placing it on 5 o’clock on the clock face.


Exercise 5-Disassociation planks

This is a great exercise for core stability combined with disassociating your upper body from your lower body. Start by getting into a push-up plank position. From this position try to maintain a good stable posture and core and lift your right hand up towards the sky (keeping your belt buckle pointing to the ground).  Return your right hand and now drive your right knee under your body towards your left hip (keeping your trunk stable).  Return to the starting position and repeat with the opposite side.


The prescribed amount of sets is 3 and 8-10 repetitions. 

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