Focus on your pre-shot routine for better results on course

By Giovvani Losso, PGA Professional at MyGolf Dubai

For the next instalment of our ‘back to basics’ series we’re going to focus on the pre-shot routine. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a tour pro it’s essential that, before hitting a shot, you check that you have your fundamentals right.

You should have a mental checklist that you go through each time you step up to the ball and make sure you don’t hit the shot until you’re satisfied that each of these basic set up elements is correct.

In this video we’ll be using an iron shot as our example.

Choose your target

Choose your target standing behind the ball – in the video alongside this article I’m playing my second shot on the first hole at Harbour Town so my target is the green. Look down the target line and choose a spot a few feet in front of the ball. Keep your eye on that spot and approach the ball by setting your clubface pointing to the near target. Make sure the club is on the leading edge.

Body alignment

Once the club is set, align your body parallel to the target line with the butt of the club pointing at your first belt loop left of your navel.

Correct grip

When it comes to the grip, hold the club up vertically and take your grip, making sure it is in your fingers. Keep a 45-degree angle.


Push your rear end out, bend at the hips with the knees slightly flexed and place the club down behind the ball.

Practice swing

Next, take a practice swing and focus your mind on the shot and the target you are aiming for. Try to hit the turf in front of the ball, toward the target. Feel the swing and then step back up to the ball.

Strike the ball

Take one last look at your intended target. Focus on the front of the ball and take your swing striking through the ball and hitting the turf in front of the ball. Then come to a full finish and hold your finish until the ball lands.


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