Fixing The Fundamentals | by Jamie McConnell (The Els Club)

Two steps to changing your shape.

When it comes to misguided golf shots it can often be the simplest fixes that work best. For most players who come to the Golf Academy we see misaligned pelvis and spine positions as the single most common reason for poor positions later in the swing and, ultimately, poorly directed ball flights. If this sounds like a familiar problem, the good news is that you can improve it in seconds. 



When we are looking at this problem, we are looking for two things – where are the hips aligned to and where is the spine tilted towards.

Below is a typical position which we see for someone who slices the golf ball.

For the opposite shape (hook) we tend to see the hips and shoulders too far right of target and spine tilted too far back.



To fix this type of body misalignment all you need is a golf club, and three simple steps.

  1. Stand upright with your feet in a golf stance and the club across your shoulders. Ensure your feet are aligned parallel left of your target, and your shoulder alignment is a match.
  2. Place the club on the front of your torso below your chin and running it down through your belt buckle. From there simply tilt right and allow the club to touch the inside of your left thigh. 
  3. Then bring the club down into the address position.


Now we should see a solid foundation to build your golf swing from. In our ideal set up we should see our left side (hip and shoulder) above right, and our body alignment parallel left of the target.


For more guidance with your swing, head down to the Claude Harmon Performance Academy at the Els Club to see Jamie or one of the other Professionals.



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