Cure your early extension | By Sven Nielsen (Trump International)

Early extension can cause a variety of bad shots including the dreaded ‘S word’… SHANK! It can also lead to many other poor shots or inconsistencies in strike. Let’s have a look at how we can work on the correct movements to cure your early extension.

What is early extension?
Early extension is when you lose posture on your downswing and your hips move towards the golf ball instead of staying back, in posture and making your hips rotate. So, here are a couple of points on how we can fix it. Using an alignment stick that’s in the ground, let’s get to work.

Get your knees working
Making your knees work will help your hips to get ‘active’ or rotate during your swing. For a right handed golfer, on the backswing, we want our left knee to work inwards which will allow you to rotate your hips. Now similarly, on the downswing we want your right knee to work inwards which again will allow you to rotate your hips open to the target. All while maintaining posture. As you do this motion you will see that my pelvis stayed back on the alignment stick that is in the ground.

Practicing this drill will help you get the feeling of your pelvis staying back (maintaining your posture) while the pelvis rotates helping you cure your early extension.

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