Create the correct swing path with the Putter Grip Drill by Stephen Deane

By Stephen Deane, Head Professional, Emirates Golf Club

This month we’ll look at a simple but effective putter grip drill we use with our students here at the Academy. It’s great for all levels of golfer but in particular for the beginner.

Very simply we place a putter grip on a wedge or 9 iron with the flat front square to the club face.

From here we get our students to set the flat edge of the grip into a 45-degree position during the backswing.

Immediately the wrists start to set, the elbow starts to fold and the shoulders start to load into the correct positions.

It helps create the correct shaft plane and keeps you away from getting too flat or steep during the backswing which beginners can struggle with.

Too steep – manipulation required from here!
Too flat – manipulation required from here!

From here we simply let the flat edge of the grip flatten out underneath us as we strike the ball, therefore encouraging the correct wrist release and consequent pressure on the ball that squares and stabilises the club face.

For the better player, it helps them move the club through good positions into impact and prevents them getting too much under or over plane where unwanted manipulation is required.

We can also set the grips flat edge at varying the angles to encourage certain patterns we want to instill in our students’ mechanics.

45 degrees shaft on plane. From here we can flatten the grip underneath the body, squaring the clubface, creating pressure and eliminating unwanted manipulation!

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