Control your distance using the ‘clockface’ drill | By Jaco Stander (Saadiyat Beach Golf Club)

When doing lessons on short game, especially pitching, the main question I am always faced with is: “how do I control my distances?” My answer is: “it’s like Clock Work!” There are very few things that feel better on a golf course than hitting a 60 yard shot within three feet and holing the putt; but how do we do this successfully, consistently, with confidence and actually stay in control of our swing? Here are a few steps to follow in order to gauge your distances better and start controlling those yardages.

Club selection

Club choice will depend on the yardage you need to cover. Always choose a club which maximises control over power.

2. Gauge your swing

Knowing the yardage, you will have to gauge your back swing length:


These three different ‘times’/ back swing lengths are what you will be working with. Each back swing length will give you approximately 15 yards in between each distance. This means that if you have three wedges in your bag you will be able to comfortably control nine other yardages apart from your full swing with the same club.

3. Follow through with confidence

Trusting the distance your back swing length will give you, allow gravity to bring the clubhead down and make sure you emphasise your chest turning towards the target with confidence. Stay in control of the swing tempo and let the club do the work. Hopefully these three steps will help you to make more up-and-downs the next time you find yourself on the golf course.


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