Control the handle | By Stephen Deane

In this month’s article I’m going to switch things around and focus on the handle, rather than the clubhead. Obviously, whatever happens with the clubhead is impacted by the handle and vice versa.

I feel many students focus way too much on the clubhead when they’d be way more effective paying attention to what the handle does in relation to their body, and in particular during the takeaway (primary movement), delivery position (pre-impact) and impact.


During this primary movement we like to see the butt end of the handle point towards the left hip.

This is a great checkpoint and will start your movement on track without excessive roll where the handle looks away from the body, and without excessive pickup where the handle looks to the ground.


This pre-impact position determines everything.

Good players know how to match their delivery position with their intended flight (neutral, draw, fade). Again, we can do this by controlling the handle relative to the body.

Looking down the target for a neutral flight, slightly right for a draw and slightly left for a fade.


At impact the butt end of the handle stretches up relative to the left hip and left shoulder.

This feeling creates superb face stability and prevents any excessive shaft lean forward or face rotation around and closed.


As you can see in the article I’ve used a badminton racket to help illustrate some of the movements.

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