Compress your irons for more spin, more distance and more birdies!

Hitting down on the golf ball with an iron is the key to better golf. More spin, more distance, more birdies.

At driving ranges all around Dubai, you will see many amateur golfers presenting extra loft on the club face when swinging their irons in an attempt to launch the ball high. While this may lift the ball in the air, it comes at a cost. As you may have even experienced yourself, these shots will often result in significantly less spin and distance while also being prone to travelling in the wrong direction. It can often lead to a thin strike as well which is also not what we want. There is not much worse on a golf course than thinning it over the back of the green!

Instead, swing the club to hit down on the golf ball. This is called compression, and is what every professional golfer achieves with their shots. This will elevate the ball in the air much higher and with greater speed which will ultimately result in more yardage.

To do this, try to lead with the bodyweight transfer so that the hands are naturally ahead of the ball at impact. The result will be increased shaft lean at impact which helps to deloft the club – this is what we are after. The clubface should also move downwards in order to add compression to ensure a straight shot. Striking the ball properly like this lets the grooves on the clubface work their magic by adding backspin. A good indicator that you’ve successfully achieved this is by creating a divot on the grass after the ball. Give it a try.

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