Chipping from tight lies | by Ross McArthur (Trump Dubai)

By Ross McArthur, PGA Teaching Professional at the Trump International Golf Club, Dubai

Chipping and pitching from tight lies can sometimes be a little daunting, but with a good execution, lots of spin and control can be generated.

The benefit of using a lofted club from a tight lie is that the lower groves on the face can really engage the ball and impart a lot of spin. With a poor technique, however, the dreaded “duff” shot or the “thin” through the back of the green can the result. Bad contact is commonly the main issue.

To play this shot and get some spin on the chip, we want to take a more neutral set up, narrow stance with the shaft angle up the centre of the body. We do not want the shaft leaning too far forward and the ball should be positioned in the centre of the heels.

From here, we are looking for very passive wrists, the hands are going to be inactive through the shot. Focus on the handle pointing to the middle of the body all the way through the stroke. This will encourage a shallow angle of approach into impact. If the wrists are too active you will see the handle move away from the centre of the body and the steep angle into the ball causes contact issues, affecting the spin and control.

With the shallower angle of attack and the lower face making contact with the ball, the result will be a relatively low trajectory as the ball does not roll up the face as much. This has to be taken in to account when playing the shot. The ball should then grab as it hits the green and release towards the hole.

Hope this advice helps you get closer from tight lies which is the big difference between the average and better players. Head down to the Trump International Golf Club, Dubai to see me or one of the other teaching professionals for further advice and guidance. 

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