Begin the year a better ball striker | by Mark Gregson Walters (ETPI)

By Mark Gregson Walters – Head of ETPI (Jumeirah Golf Estates)

There is still a misconception in the way the club “releases” in the swing. This visual trigger below will help you not only understand but also apply a better strike on the back of the ball. Hand path and body action require synchronisation in the delivery area to produce consistent ball striking. This simple two dimensional path helps you understand and feel the correct three dimensional motion through the hitting area or your golf swing.

Alternatively if the hands drive forward then they lose control of the club causing the wrists and clubhead to flick across the target line. This produces flash speed. Flash speed does not transfer speed and power to the ball consistently. A lack of control in this area is a “major” cause of hooks and slices with the longer clubs!

Give it a go! I hope this helps you as much as it has helped many of my own students. If you need help with your game come and visit us at JGE and the European Tour Performance Institute in the near future. For more information, contact

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