10 Golf-Specific Exercises to Improve Your Game | By Simon Dyson

Six-time European Tour winner Simon Dyson demonstrates ten golf-specific exercises to create more power and mobility in the golf swing. All you need is a medicine ball, resistance band and some cones to get your body fit for tournament golf!

The exercises demonstrated in the video are as follows:

 Exercise 1: Hip Circles

 Exercise 2: Forward Lunge with Lat Stretch

 Exercise 3: 90 / 90 Hips

 Exercise 4: Kneeling Trunk Rotation

 Exercise 5: Upper Body Rotation

 Exercise 6: Single Leg Cone Touch

 Exercise 7: Lunge Medicine Ball Chop

 Exercise 8: Banded Press-up

 Exercise 9: Frog Jumps

 Exercise 10: Side Lunge

 It’s recommended to carry out ten reps on each of the exercises.

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