Trick shot season: Here’s some of our favourite trick shots so far

Golfers all over the world have been uploading creative trick shots in their houses or back gardens during the COVID-19 pandemic. This fun, online content whilst the European Tour takes a short break certainly makes the day go a bit faster! We’ve picked out some of the most creative and impressive trick shots so far.

“Extreme Golf Pong” by Garret Clark (@gm__golf)

“The fan dunk” by Colin McCatrthy (@colinmccarthygolf)

We’re going to call this one ‘The productive trick.’ Using a robot to clean the floor and to do a trick shot – double whammy!


Maybe you shouldn’t try this one in your living room. You don’t want to blade one through the window! We’ll leave this for the pros.

NBA star Stephen Curry has also been taking part in the trick shot fun, using his front door as a ‘basketball backboard’ to hole out his trick shot!


Get involved with some trick shots whilst at home and make sure you tag us on Instagram – we will repost the best attempts! 

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