10 May 2022

MyGolf Dubai – Well and truly open for business

The wait is over and the UAE’s latest game-changing golf facility is up and running as MyGolf Dubai is set for its Grand Opening on May 20.

The timing couldn’t be better for Dubai’s first ever large-scale luxury indoor golf venue as the soaring summer heat approaches.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the place during its soft launch in early April and we were genuinely blown away.

From the moment you walk through the entrance into the grand reception area you’re struck with a sense of luxury. The welcome provided by team of accommodating staff is akin to that you’d associate with a 5-star hotel or restaurant as they lead you through to a huge dining/communal space anchored by a 360-degree serving station in the centre of the room where a coffee, soft drinks and a full range of food options can be purchased.

Leading off from the communal space are multiple state-of-the-art GolfZon simulators in open and semi open bays which can be booked by the hour for practice or social play. This is also where MyGolf’s PGA professionals provide lessons to players of all levels – from the complete novice to the seasoned single figure handicapper.

One very cool and attractive feature of this huge venue is that is features a number of VIP and VVIP suites which can be booked for private functions and events or for use by corporate or premium membership card holders.

We were given a tour of the best of the bunch – the Tiger Woods suite of course! The room is gargantuan with eye-catching artwork adorning the walls, sofas and a built-in bar counter and serving area. This space would perfect for businesspeople looking for a private but fun environment to entertain clients.

The simulators are excellent and insanely addictive. Even just practicing on one of the many selectable driving ranges is great fun. Ours was located on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! A target appears on the range to show you where you should be landing the ball with each different club selection and after every shot you’re shown a video of your swing along with a full range of stats showing clubhead speed, launch angle etc. Unlike most driving ranges, the bays at MyGolf allow you to practice hitting from different lie angles and surfaces, there’s even a mat with super soft bristles which mimics sand– an extremely useful element to add to your practice regime.

After spending about half an hour trying to increase our clubhead speed on the range (did I mention it’s insanely addictive?) we partook in nine holes on the Old Course at St Andrews over a delicious barista prepared coffee.

There’s been a lot of talk about MyGolf since company founder Michael Zhao first revealed his plans to disrupt the local golf scene with a new type of indoor golf facility modelled on those which have become so successful in the Far East.

Having had the chance to visit this unique venue first hand, we can safely vouch for the fact that he has delivered and then some on his grand vision.

They’re currently offering a fantastic summer deal with unlimited gameplay 7 days a week for 3 months along with a host of other great benefits for just AED 3,000 so get yourself down there and bag yourself a summer of cool golfing fun.

Michael Zhao – CEO and Founder of MyGolf Dubai Q&A

Worldwide Golf: You’ve created an amazing facility and a great addition to the Dubai golf scene, gives us your thoughts on how it’s turned out and does it match the vision you had?

Michael Zhao: Looking back at where we first started and how it turned out, I can say its beyond the vision I’ve had. Its crazy what dreams can do. I’ve been in the facility over 100 times during the last 6 months and every touch was carefully picked out to match the “luxury experience” I had envisioned. My Vision was not to be just a facility but a social networking concept where people can come and connect.

WWG: You’ve rolled out a ‘soft launch’ during April – how has business been and what’s the reaction from the public been like?

MZ: We’ve seen a lot of success since, a lot of people just come in and ask what is this place? What’s indoor golf? We’ve seen a lot of interest with our golf simulators. The minute they find out you can play 190+ golf courses, they get excited. We’ve had some members even say it’s addictive. Its beyond our expectation, we have received a lot of interest in our social platforms and networking events. Visitors love the idea of connecting and playing golf.

WWG: People can pay as they play but you also offer memberships – how has the uptake for those been and can you give us a summary of the different levels of membership and the benefits on offer?

MZ: We have different tiers which include Bronze, Silver, Gold which are accessible to the golf community. In addition, we also offer exclusive tiers such as Platinum and Royal Black which are invitation only memberships. Our Programs come with different benefits which include access to MyGolf community, VIP suites, VVIP suites booking and Invitation to networking events. We’ve recently had a private event held at the facility where a lot of high-net-worth individuals were present. This is the benefit of becoming a member at MyGolf. The real benefit offered at our facility is who you get to meet, members don’t just want to play golf, but they want to connect, socialise and network.

WWG: The VIP and VVIP suites are spectacular – what is your vision for how these will be used and what special services come with those?

MZ:Our VIP and VVIP suites are eye catching. They were specifically designed to immerse and enjoy the game of golf and to connect. You can have business meetings, host networking events of 15-20 people in VVIP suite, be it corporate or private events. I find myself in my own element when I’m in the VVIP suite – every detail, every piece is precisely crafted. I usually invite my social network to come and enjoy playing golf in the comfort and privacy that MyGolf offers.

WWG: People can also get golf lessons at MyGolf – how has this aspect of the business been doing and what makes MyGolf a good choice for people learning the game?

MZ: A huge part of MyGolf’s success is the golf academy. We’ve rolled out our academy since we soft launched and are 70% booked for the next 2 months. The PGA pros are excited to see how successful it’s been.  MyGolf is the perfect facility to learn golf, unlike traditional golf courses, MyGolf is equipped with Golfzon simulators and you get all the data and statistics regarding your game and performance. For example, ball speed, distance, accuracy – it’s all there in real time. During the summer, it’s easier to learn golf indoors in the UAE because of the heat. At MyGolf you can learn and practice every day in cool conditions. Our simulators give golfers near to real life experience and players can develop their game a lot faster at MyGolf.

WWG: You just mentioned the hot summer months and that’s where MyGolf can really stand out from other golf facilities due to it being in a nice cool indoor space. Do you have any offers running to attract visitors during that period?

MZ: Yes, we’re expecting a lot of members during the summer, to escape the heat. that’s why we made a special summer offer. Cooler Summer Package. The membership is valued at 7,000 AED and the price is only 3,000 AED for 3 months membership during the summer. You will get unlimited access to semi-private and Open Bays, five complimentary one-time guest passes, 10% off on F&B & 10% off on academy lessons and packages.

We’re also putting together new offers including a hole in one competition (which will be announced at a later stage) and during May we will start hosting tournaments at MyGolf Dubai.

WWG: Have you gained passing trade from people visiting Dragon Mart and also the local community?

MZ: Yes, we’ve had a lot of walk-ins from different parts of the world coming to check out MyGolf Dubai. Its something new in the region and there is no concept like MyGolf. People are impressed by how luxurious the facility is. It definitely catches the eye – no one can walk past MyGolf without being captivated and pulled in. There are a lot of leisure and recreational facilities in Dragon Mart 2 but MyGolf is leading the way as a premium entertainment experience. We’ve also had a lot of local press and influencers try out MyGolf Dubai and we are happy with the support we are getting from the local community.

WWG: What sorts of food to do you have on offer?

MZ: We offer a wide range of delights – sandwiches, pizza, sushi, cheese boards and small bites. I personally love having the cheese boards and the seafood platters. Whenever I’m at the facility I order a cup of espresso for the mornings and cheese boards while we’re in the VVIP suite playing. We also have a pre-booking concept for private dining rooms which include a premium dining experience. We are the first to make golf not just about golf but about the experience.

WWG: Now that you have opened the facility what else is planned for the coming months at MyGolf?

MZ: Our grand opening is planned for May 20. We’ve learned a lot since the soft launch, we want to grow our community and we are looking forward to growing it together with our members.  We are excited for what the future holds and this is just the beginning. 

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