“I’d love to be Jessica Alba for the day” | Crazy Golf – Joost Luiten

In our latest edition of ‘Crazy Golf’ we ask six-time European Tour winner Joost Luiten some weird and wonderful questions that are out of bounds in an ordinary interview. Click the video to see his hilarious answers…

Watch the video above to see his answers…

Favourite superhero and why? Superman because he can fly. I would love to fly!
Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten: Crocodile.  It tasted a little bit like chicken so it was better than I expected!
Describe yourself in three words: Very nice guy!
If you could be anyone for a day…? It would have to be a girl…. Jessica Alba!
What sport are you worst at? Curling. I’ve never tried it in my life so I must be pretty bad!
What is your best feature?  I never give up; I’m a fighter!
Stranded on an island – which two things would you take with you? A woman and some nice cold beers!
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