Five drills to work on your golf game at home

How can we get better at golf, without leaving the house? This is something that we all need to know right now, as the world is slowly going into self-isolation we’ve picked out five simple drills to improve your game from the comfort of your home.

First thing’s first, just as you would as if you were going out to practice, you need to warm up and get loose. Here are some great exercises demonstrated by @etpi on Twitter that are beneficial for the golf swing:

Backswing / Impact drill

Nathalie Filler (@NattieGolf) on Twitter provides us with a great way to work on the back swing and impact position using just a golf club and a wall:

Downswing drill 

Here’s a drill you can do using a golf club or even a towel, Stephen Dean demonstrates how to master the downswing:

Chipping drill

Tommy Fleetwood’s short game coach Graham Walker has a simple but effective chipping drill which doesn’t require much space at all, have a look at this:

Putting drill – pace control

@Carlocuillogolf on Instagram has an account full of creative ways to practice your game, with the majority of them being suitable for indoors. This particular drill requires around 10 balls and is perfect for distance control and feel. Check this out:

We hope these drills help – stay active, stay healthy and keep working on your game during your time at home! 

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