Topgolf Dubai share pictorial progress update

It’s been a slow year, but golfers and their non-golfing friends could have something to look forward to sooner rather as Topgolf Dubai shared a recent update on social media.

Two pictures were posted of the progress being made – and the targets being built – at the site at Emirates Golf Club.

With the caption “We see targets” on their post, Topgolf hint that work is back underway at the venue and could be completed sooner rather than later.

“We don’t have any new updates to share yet, but follow us for more details regarding venue openings in 2020 and beyond,” read the caption.

Topgolf front


Through the premium experience of play, food and music, Topgolf inspires people of all ages and skill levels – even non-golfers – to come together for a playful competition.

Guests can enjoy point-scoring golf games using microchipped balls that instantly score themselves, showing players the accuracy and distance of their shots on a TV screen in their hitting bay.

The facility was first announced in 2018 but no previous updates have been given this year prior to these pictures.

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