Jamie McConnell – What it’s like being back in golf after the COVID-19 lockdown

The Claude Harmon 3 Performance Academy’s Director of Instruction, Jamie McConnell, reflects on returning to his coaching duties after the COVID-19 lockdown, what safety measurements have been put in place and the popular offer they have for budding golfers this summer.

Safety first

“It’s great being back and returning to some kind of normality, albeit a much safer and cautious version. As far as the Claude Harmon 3 Performance Academy is concerned, we are trying to take out every touch point and potential way anything could be transferred. This means we are sticking to a much lower staff level with the instructors being on shifts so everybody isn’t in at one time. We have two teams that come in on different days so we limit the crossovers between instructors. The other obvious safety procedures like facemasks etc are in place.

Only students that are having lessons are allowed to come down and practice for the time being to reduce the amount of volume around the school. We are lucky that we have a big practice area so we can spread both instructors and students out around the studios, short game area and range without having any crossovers.

People have been bringing their own golf balls to the short game area and the balls are just laid out across the ground instead of in the usual pyramids. We have made two separate tees so each pro has their own tee with three bays so we have done pretty much everything we can to make the Academy is safe as possible.

Response from members

The members are delighted to be out and the response has been great. The Els Golf Course Superintendent, Stuart Horwood, has managed to get the course into great shape in the time he was away. The place just seems to be getting better and better and every golfer is enjoying the fresh air and is grateful for the facilities we have here in Dubai.

Summer deal

We’ve got an ‘Own your Pro’ summer coaching offer where people can get unlimited lessons through the summer. This has been very effective in years before because it’s not a traditional model and it gives the coaches a lot more time with students.”

Find out more on https://www.ch3performancegolf.com

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