#GoGreen with The Track, Meydan Golf

The #GoGreen campaign, which is a first-of-its-kind in the Middle East, will focus on a plastic free golfing experience with no bottled water being handed out to guests. The club will instead focus on promoting their new reusable aluminium bottles, which save 217 plastic bottles from going to a landfill in a year for each person who switches to them.

Thomas Rourke, General Manager at Meydan Golf, has been the driving force behind this initiative to remove single use plastic bottles from the golf operation. “In 2018 Meydan Golf issued over 60,000 small plastic bottles of water to golfing guests which would end up going to landfill taking hundreds of years to decompose,” said Rourke.

“Our #GoGreen / #SayNoToPlastic initiative was over six months in the making with careful planning over bottle design and processes to ensure the guest received the best reusable product at an affordable price. The process of bottle filling and number of water stations was adjusted with four additional water stations added to make sure the guests stayed hydrated. We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and take small steps to reduce
the huge amount of waste generated by each individual, we encourage our golfing guests to bring along their own reusable bottle or opt for our eco-friendly aluminum Meydan Golf reusable bottle and we continue to provide high quality drinking water.

“We have re-assessed all of the waste Meydan Golf generates and have changed over to recycled paper for collaterals and support adidas with their upcycled plastic waste golf shoe. We appreciate all of our Meydan golfing guests adapting to this change and as a facility will continue to strive to help the planet and our environment, #SayNoToPlastic.”


As well as making a conscious effort to help fix the planet, The Track, Meydan Golf will become the first club outside of America to introduce the latest Visage GPSi system to their full fleet of buggies. Building on its reputation of being a fun, friendly and accessible course, the new system will have an increased screen size with Premium Integrated Bluetooth speakers which allow golfers to play full screen video and music during the round.

The new system will also have a built in USB connection to keep your device fully charged while listening to your
golfing playlist. As well as playing your own media, the 10” LCD Touchscreen will show different views of the hole as well as Golfer Experience Touch for Distance GPS, giving you your very own distance measurer when lining up your next shot.

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