GEAR: The Pro V1 story – “The Game Changer””

During the mid-1990s, conversations were taking place within the Titleist Research and Development facility about the possibility of producing a new urethane covered ball. It was during these discussions that the term ‘veneer’ was coined referring to the thin casing layer around the core of the golf ball.

As different incarnations were tested it soon became clear the solid core, multi-layered version was better than the wound alternative and that from a performance perspective this was set to be a giant leap forward.

As early as 1996, Bill Morgan, the company’s research and development chief, took his new prototype to the Tour for testing, four years before it came to market. The problem they faced was with the manufacturing process. To bring a new model to market with a different design would require no shortage of engineering skill – a specific problem was how to get the ‘veneer’ to adhere properly to the ball.

By the turn of the century, Titleist overcame these difficulties and the decision was made to push the button. The Pro V1, as we know it, was born. But by the time the deadline arrived to submit the new ball to the USGA for its own testing, it was yet to be named. In a last-minute rush, Bill Morgan quickly noted down Pro (for Professional as this had a urethane cover like the previous Professional ball), V for ‘veneer’ and 1. He fully expected that name to change. But when the Pro V1 was shown to the Tour at the Invensys Classic in 2000 they embraced not only its performance, but its name too and incredibly, 47 players made the switch immediately.

Those in charge of predicting the uptake of the new ball on Tour had expected half of the brand’s playing staff to switch, but very soon it was up to 90%. In fact, so keen were the public to get their hands on this new product that Acushnet was forced to open a third ball plant at the cost of $100 million.

With the success of the Pro V1, the face of the company had changed forever and by 2003, the original Acushnet ball plant responsible for its wound products had closed.

The difference is exceptional distance

Long Game: Pro V1 and Pro V1x are long for golfers of all skill levels; long with driver, long with irons, long on all shots. How can long and straight not benefit you? Pro V1 and Pro V1x provide exceptional distance on all shots for Tour players, golfers of all skill levels and for you.

The difference is innovation

The Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls feature a new, patented thermoset urethane elastomer cover that delivers more short game spin and control, and softer feel. The softer, reformulated cover system improves feel, sound and short game scoring control, providing golfers the confidence and performance to hit it closer to the hole.

Pro V1
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