Henrik Stenson’s Swing Sequence by Pete Cowen

“Henrik is one of my stable of players who I have taught for over 15 years. I am going to analyse his swing technique with a pitching wedge. As everyone knows, he has a pretty solid golf swing but he makes a different noise when he strikes the ball because of the amount of compression he generates on the ball. Here’s a step-by-step analysis of last year’s Open Champion’s swing sequence.” – Pete Cowen, Master PGA Professional

1) In the first photograph you can see how much of a simple posture Henrik has with his arms hanging pretty naturally and shaft positioned under his hands. It is a soft set-up which you’d expect with a wedge.

2) He winds his shoulders and sets his left arm and club into an excellent position. The wedge can easily work up like this.

3 and 4) His shoulders are loaded here. In an ideal situation, I’d love that right arm to be sat down a little bit more but that’s Henrik’s idiosyncratic movement. He lets his right elbow fly a little bit which I don’t particularly like but it doesn’t bother him because when he changes direction it comes back into the slot pressuring the ground.

5 and 6) His left arm is vertical with the club coming out under his chest and as the hips clear and the left shoulder moves it has squared the clubface up at impact. It’s very stable impact conditions.

7) Henrik completes the follow through with total body control to the finish.

8) Henrik always looks like he holds the club off but it’s purely because he’s had very little rotation through the impact area.

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