Elevate Your Game with GravityFit

Following on from the last issue, we again look at a simple exercise that not only helps develop the correct hand, arm and club movement but focuses on developing the correct posture whilst doing so.

Here at The Academy at Emirates Golf Club, we use an excellent training aid called GravityFit TPro which promotes the sensory feedback required to develop great posture as a constant within your game. It strengthens the muscles from within and has been beneficial for all our students.

You’ll realise once the GravityFit TPro has been positioned correctly because the spikes and paddles at the back will let you know when your spine and shoulders are in good posture. Then you simply place a club of your choice between the elastics.
From here we set the wrists and fold the right elbow as talked about in previous articles and drills.
With the TPro attached, it forces you to make these movements within good posture and you can clearly sense the muscles working internally during the exercise. This is an exceptional drill for developing solid hand and arm mechanics whilst creating great posture.

The TPro is being used on a daily basis by PGA Tour professionals: Cameron Smith, Jonas Blixt, and Harris English, amongst others, which proves the benefits it can have on your game at all levels.

For more information please watch the video attached to see me using the equipment and check in at The Academy and try it out for yourself with our team of excellent professionals.