Five things you don’t know about me… Felipe Aguilar

Chilean golfer Felipe Aguilar reveals five secrets to Worldwide Golf as we get to know the charismatic football fanatic a bit better.

  1. BUILDER: If I wasn’t a golfer, I would have probably been a builder because I love construction and everything involved in that area.
  2. SUPERSTITION: I usually keep one tee, one pitch mark and one coin in my pocket every time I play golf. I never carry anything more than that. It’s sort of a superstition for me.
  3. IDEAL DAY: When I go back to Chile I love to go out on my bike early in the morning, come back and have a few chilled beers and then a barbeque. That’s a perfect day off in my eyes.
  4. BAD BOY: I was very naughty when I was at school but respectful to my teachers which helped me get away with some things that I should have been harshly punished for.
  5. FOOTY MAD: I played football as a forward for my high school in the States and actually got a call up for the All States team so that was a decent standard. I even got offered a scholarship to play football for a university in the States but I pursued golf instead.