TaylorMade M CGB Irons – Packing a punch

TaylorMade claim to have produced their most forgiving and powerful model of irons ever made with the new M CGB set. If you’re struggling to reach the greens in regulation, these irons should be ideal for you as TaylorMade likens them to possessing ‘a full set of drivers’ by pushing the boundaries of ball speed to maximise your distance. eGolf Megastore’s custom-fit specialist Jason Ashley tests out and reviews the TaylorMade set for Worldwide Golf this month to see if they actually are as formidable and forgiving as it says on the tin.


“These TaylorMade irons don’t only look incredible but they are also extremely easy to hit and will help you develop your yardage.”


What does CGB stand for?


CGB stands for Centre of Gravity Back and it has been nearly a decade since TaylorMade last used this name with the R7 CGB irons. Now they are part of the M family, sitting above the M2 2017 irons in the range.


Tech it out

 “The M CGB irons contain all the technology and concepts that TaylorMade has come out with and released over the last 10 years to help maximise forgiveness and ball speeds. Golfers will discover the signature technologies that made both the M1 and M2 irons so successful — Speed Pocket, Face Slots, 360° undercut, Inverted Cone — in addition to new technologies that launch M CGB to the next level of performance.


Milled Tungsten Micro Weights – moves the weights further back in the clubs to help with forgiveness and to improve moment of inertia.

Face Slot Technology – improves performance on off-centre hits. Usually in the past they only used this and the Speed Pocket down to a 7-iron but now even the wedges have them.

 Ultra-low CG Placement – this will help launch the ball far higher.

 360° Fluted Hosel – we saw this in the TaylorMade M2 which saves a lot of weight in the heel area of the head and move it low and back.

 Large, Stiff 3-D Sound Badge – helps create a fine-tuned sound and feel.

 360° Undercut – the top of the cavity has a 360° undercut behind a face that is 2mm thick in places to help improve ball speed.

 Max-COR Face – higher chance of hitting the ball out the middle.

 Off-Centre ICT – this inverted cone technology will help you hit the ball far and straight even if you don’t strike it off the face.

 Speed Pocket Technology – one of the latest TaylorMade technologies that increases ball speeds throughout the face. The Speed Pocket is longer and thinner than previous models due to the new design.

 Hybrar Dual-Cavity Damper – reduces unwanted vibrations and produces superior sound.

How is it different to the TaylorMade M2?

The new M CGB irons launch far higher because of the deeper centre of gravity in the club. It also has a longer head and thicker top line than the M2 which is more suited to golfers with higher swing speeds.


What sort of golfer would these irons suit the best?

 Mid to high handicappers who struggle generating powerful swing speeds would benefit the most from the stylish TaylorMade M CGB irons but they will also certainly catch the eye of the techno-golf-lovers because of their high-tech and futuristic design.

Jason’s first impressions

  • Thick, generous top line and fairly big head which inspires confidence over the ball.
  • Light-weighted club so if you need to add clubhead speed this will help out.
  • Averaging 171 yards with a 7-iron so distances are very impressive.