Srixon Z65 irons: Forged feel for all golfers

The new Srixon Z65 irons give players of all levels a classic look and forged feel that will help them ooze confidence out on the course. It is an evolution from the Z45 range from last year that has had some subtle improvements to make a great iron even better.  All three models use Srixon’s Tour V.T. sole designed to reduce turf resistance and improve shot dispersion. They also have 5% larger grooves and double-laser milled faces that bring greater consistency to spin rates in more varied conditions, giving greater distance control.

eGolf Megastore Retail Manager and PGA Professional, Stuart Barber, visited the new Trump International Golf Club, Dubai to test out the different model of irons and discuss how they can suit everyone from the traditionalist to the distance, forgiveness-seeking crowd.


This model has a deep undercut cavity with classic clean looks. However, it has the thickest top line of the three models and slightly more offset meaning it is aimed at the mid handicapper market. Srixon have used a high strength SUP-10 steel face that creates faster ball speeds on well struck shots and maintains ball speed on shots not finding the center of the face, making them long and forgiving. The sound of the strike is slightly higher pitched than the rest of the lineup but the feel is definitely that of a high quality forged iron.

The lofts on the Z565 are the strongest out of the three so it’s going to produce the most distance however in testing it also flew the highest – a testament to its low centre of gravity.

It gives you a great forged feel combined with the forgiveness and power of a much larger clubhead. Expect to see these in the bags of everyone from 15 handicappers to Tour Pro’s as they feel soft, inspire confidence and are as long as any other model in this category.

Z765 – Mid cavity iron

The Z765 is aimed at the lower handicapper. There’s no undercut cavity with this type of iron as this is more in line with the blade look, it has a thinner top line and classic looks. There’s less forgiveness than the Z565 but there’s more workability and control thanks to the reduced offset and slightly weaker lofts (1 degree). The biggest problem for better players will be choosing between the Z765 and the Z965, the appearance at address is almost identical. The head shape and size blends perfectly with the Z965 suggesting that a combination of the two modes is pehaps the best way to maximize performance with forgiveness.




Z965 – Full blade

This is the jewel in the lineup. This is the iron we all want to play but it’s the toughest to hit. This bladed model looks awesome with the cleanest lines and smallest head out of the three. It has the weakest lofts yet its design enables players to have the workability and control that they would desire out of a club of this design. In testing despite having the weakest lofts it actually launched the lowest out of the three models thanks to its traditional bladed design. As far as modern blades go, the Z965 performs up there with any other blade in today’s market.




In summary, Srixon’s Z65 range is packing a punch well above its price tag. The shaft offerings across all three models is also fantastic with little or no upcharge for KBS, Nippon, Dynamic Gold and Project X shafts to name but a few. The entry 565 offers a blend of looks and forgiveness that isn’t easily found in this category as well as being a forged iron. It makes for a strong contender against any manufacturers offerings. The 765 and 965 blends classic looks with some modern innovation to produce Tour quality irons that can’t be ignored if you are in the market for a high performance bladed iron.

You can try out these awesome Srixon irons for yourself at eGolf Megastore Al Quoz and eGolf Megastore Al Wasl where their PGA trained custom fitters can optimise them for your game.