MOST WANTED: Srixon Z565 Driver

If you’re struggling from the tee or fancy a change, Srixon may just have the answer. Srixon Middle East’s Stuart Barber highly rates the new Srixon Z565 Driver and a quick crunch of the numbers reveals why. The performance and appearance of this driver, along with an attractive price tag, makes it a great option and here’s why Stuart thinks it will be a worthwhile switch with this Srixon option.


Srixon’s new z565 driver really is a genuine option against some of 2017’s top drivers. A recent review by Mygolfspy rated the 565 as their ‘Most Wanted Driver’ of the season. The Most Wanted Driver test is the largest unbiased, data based test conducted in the golf media industry.

Based on their thorough research of player data for all drivers submitted, the Srixon Z565 proved to offer the best overall performance in the study. Their independent testing is carried out by real club handicapped golfers from plus handicaps to near beginners and offers real world unbiased advice on performance.


 The Z565 driver blends classic clean looks with impressive performance thanks to some unique technology and design features.


The 565 features three pieces of technology that together make this stereotypically unassuming driver one of the hottest on the market. It uses a unique stepped design in the sole plate that they call the power wave sole. What this does is allow the sole to flex on impact which has the effect of increasing the core of the club, especially impacts lower in the face.

In testing, we found that ball speeds were maintained and spin rates kept lower than other manufacturers offerings resulting in longer straighter drives even on slight miss-hits.

It is worth noting also that the ball speeds in general, when compared to other major manufactures, were very impressive keeping up with almost all of 2017s current models.

The second technology feature is the stretch flex cup face. What they have been able to do is to extend the face of the driver into the crown, heel and toe areas which has the effect of increasing the size of the sweet spot by a claimed 10%.

The third and final technical note is the light weight crown. Material has been taken away from non- stress areas saving weight which is then redistributed lower and deeper into the head to lower the CG (center of gravity) and enhance the MOI.


In terms of the adjustability, there is no adjustable weight bias but there are 12
 different loft, lie and face
 angle options 
that can be
dialed in via
 Srixon’s quick
tune system.
 at first it may
 seem a little 
confusing but
 all the options
 are easily 
recognised and can offer some real performance benefits.


The look of the driver masks its potent performance, an unfussy pear shaped profile with the titanium face framed against a black head give a clean purposeful look behind the ball. The Miyazaki shaft offerings come in a wide range of weights, flexes and profiles that allow golfers of all abilities to extract maximum performance.


Altogether, if you are in the market for a new driver and want something that blends simple clean looks and packs some serious performance then the Srixon Z565 is definitely one that should be on the list.