Cobra F-MAX: Providing forgiveness and making golf easy

If you’re struggling with your game and searching for answers or excuses, look no further than the new Cobra F-MAX family that promises your ‘best golf is yet to come’ once you switch to this set. Aimed at mid to high handicappers, the F-MAX range is forgiving, draw-biased and incredibly easy to hit as eGolf Megastore’s Jason Ashley proves this month after testing out the: driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.


  • Ultralight construction – Generate more clubhead speed with less effort
  • Lighter Swing Weights – Helps with launch and swing speed
  • Larger grip – Improves comfort and consistency

“The driver comes in an offset version as well as a straight-neck hosel to help promote a higher launch and a draw ball flight. The alignment aid on the crown really helps square the face up at address. If you’re constantly slicing your drives and finding it difficult to launch them, this driver will definitely assist with that.” – Jason Ashley


  • Shallow profile at address – Promotes higher launch
  • Lighter, more forgiving profile – helps out with mis-hits

“The alignment aid on the crown along with the shallow profile gives you great confidence to hit it out the middle with plenty of launch. I was surprised how far I hit this club and with the ball speeds. Very impressive.” – Jason Ashley


  • Improved clubhead construction – Looks and performs far better
  • Launch and forgiveness in mind – Greater lofts, design and back CG

“The deep undercut cavity helps save weight and allows the engineers to reposition it to maximise forgiveness and launch. As you put it down it just looks easy to use and the lighter swing weight and shaft gives you the sense that you can swing it faster. I launched the F-MAX iron on average around 20 degrees which is exceptional high for me and I noticed a significant difference in clubhead speed.”


“I’m really impressed with the Cobra F-MAX series and I think they will benefit many players that need a bit of extra distance, straighter flight and height. There’s no doubt you’ll be surprised with how light and easy they are to hit. It’s certainly worth heading down to eGolf Megastore to find out for yourself.”