Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway Woods

The new Steelhead XR Fairway woods from Callaway are a joy to behold and sure to hit the spot with higher handicappers as well as better players.

The original Steelhead was one of the most popular fairway woods of all time because of its uniquely beautiful shape and innovative Hawkeye Sole, which enhanced versatility by encouraging smooth turf interaction to promote solid contact from almost any lie.

With the new Steelhead XR Fairway Woods, Callaway has improved that iconic shape, made the head more forgiving and easy to launch, and refined the sole to make it even more versatile and playable than the original Steelhead Fairway. It has also been improved with modern, power-producing technologies to promote more distance, both off the turf and from the tee.

“With these new clubs and the modern technology they incorporate, you’re going to see a real innovation again from Callaway of how easy it is to hit from any type of lie,” says Brendan O’Leary, Custom Fit Specialist for Golf House.

Steelhead XR head combines a steel face and body with a J-36 carbon crown, weighing just 6 grams, which is at least 20 grams lighter than the previous XR Fairway crowns. The weight saved by the crown allows more weight distribution in strategic locations within the head to position the CG lower and more forward, making Steelhead XR easy to launch with low spin – another way it resembles the original.


The modern Hawkeye Sole has been re-contoured to increase versatility by reducing friction with the turf to promote clean, square contact more often, even from tall grass.

Next-generation Hyper Speed Face Cup technology incorporates an extremely thin and flexible boundary area to encourage fast ball speed across a larger area of the face for long distance, even on mishits.

Callaway’s Speed Step technology, developed from a unique collaboration with aerospace experts, improves the head’s aerodynamics to promote faster head speed for more distance while the premium stock shaft, Mitsubishi Tensei CK, is engineered to deliver the optimum balance of power and control.


Jason Eilerd, also a Custom Fit Specialist for Golf House, adds: “A new J-36 carbon is being used on the crown which takes roughly 20 grams of weight and distributes it around the club face for easier launch, more forgiveness and more power. The use of Speed Step helps with the aerodynamics of the shot and increases swing speed.”

So, if you’re looking a highly modern club, which delivers versatility and power in equal measures, the XR Fairway Wood could be just the ticket.

Easy Launch from Classic Steelhead Shape + Modern Hawkeye Sole
New improved version of the iconic Steelhead shape and a refined Hawkeye Sole to create a versatile, confidence-building head that’s super-easy to launch.


Fast Ball Speed from Next-Generation Face Cup Technology
Next-generation Hyper Speed Face Cup is exceptionally efficient at delivering fast ball speed and distance across the entire face, especially on mishits.

Extreme Forgiveness from a J-36 Carbon Crown and Shorter Hosel
Lightweight J-36 carbon crown saves substantial weight that’s repositioned in the perimeter for more forgiveness, easier launch, lower spin and added power. The shorter hosel frees up even more weight in the head and looks appealing too.

Fast Head Speed from Speed Step Technology
Developed with direct input from aerospace experts, the proprietary Speed Step improves aerodynamics for fast swing speed and distance.

Premium Stock Shaft for Power and Control
Stock Mitsubishi Tensei CK shaft delivers a nice balance of power and control.

Tech Specs:

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Shaft available in 3+ (13.5°), 3 (15°), 4+ (16°), 5 (18°), 7 (21°), 9-wood (24°) and Heavenwood (20.5°)
Women’s available in 3, 5, 7, 9 and Heavenwood. Women’s left hand available through custom only